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1. In March, 1940 he has reported to Moscow about preparing attack of hitlerite Germany to Soviet Union.

2. Has personally adjusted communication with the high-ranking German officer - anti-fascist Shultse-Bojzen was one of heads of the "Red chapel" that has enabled the Soviet military investigation on a regular basis to receive data of extreme importance.

3. In the autumn of 1941 he has informed Moscow about the preparing impact of armies of the opponent in Caucasus and near Stalingrad, what has provided success of Red army in these operations, what brings an opportunity to keep thousand lives of our compatriots.

4. Being the arrested person in the end of 1942 by gestapo he not only hasn't betraid the comrades, but also he has managed to enlist several German counterspies, including the expert of investigation a criminal adviser Panvits.

5. In June, 1945 A. Gurevich not only has delivered these counterspies to Moscow, but also has brought with himself the major documents of Gestapo which has allowed to expose criminal activity of the enemy.

6. Being in torture chambers of Gestapo A. Gurevich has managed to save the life of the Soviet resident Ozols and a number of other Soviet scouts.

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