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The site, which is dedicated to Anatoly Gurevich was created by initiative of the people highly appreciating contribution of A. Gurevich in a victory over the fascist Germany.

Many people know about that person from books, clauses, documentary and feature films as about the hero who has glorified the Soviet investigation within Great Patriotic War and during the premilitary period, as the person who headed a prospecting network in France and Belgium which subsequently Germans named the “Red chapel”. With such name this organization also has become a history.

Anatoly Gurevich lived in St.-Petersburg. He has died after a long-term illness on 96 year of his life on January, 2, 2009.

Within great, eventful life Anatoly Gurevich had to go through many things. He passed through “Gestapo” and Soviet camps, sustained an unfair condemnation, he lost his parents and subsequently he received full rehabilitation and he even found the lost family.

He had many friends in our country and abroad.

On this site there is his biography (articles about childhood and youth, The Spanish period, The period of the “Red chapel”, Post-war time, Events and news), there are also some publications, books about him and films about A. Gurevich. You can see some full texts of newspaper and journal articles, documents and letters. The site is supplied by a number of photos of a military time, new photos and also there are links to the references in the Internet about A. Gurevich.

Now the site is regularly fullfilled with materials, photos, and documents. All responses, offers, more information and wishes are welcome to our e-mail: a-gurevich@narod.ru.


About project

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